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Before even filling a prescription, ask your doctor few questions:

  1. How does this drug work, how much improvement can I expect, and how soon?

  2. If I don’t take this drug now, and instead wait for a while, what will happen?

  3. What are the most likely side effects?

  4. Are there any rare serious side effects?

  5. Are there any permanent problems this drug can cause?

  6. If this is a new drug, why can’t I take an older drug?

  7. Can I try a lower dose?

  8. What date will we review my use/dose of this drug?

  9. Are there problems stopping the drug or any special considerations on stopping or changing dose that I should watch for?

  10. 1Are there any potential interactions with food, my other medical conditions, or my current medications?

  11. Might this drug affect my weight/sleep/hair/skin/nails/mood/sex life/relationships — and if so, how?

  12. Do I need to stop this drug before I get pregnant?

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